The Movie

Brett Hallway

After a programmer working on groundbreaking behavior recognition software kills himself and four colleagues in a murderous rage, a notorious code wizard with problems of his own moves into the troubled start-up offices to figure out what went wrong – and complete the final program. But the deeper he delves into the code, the more the dangerous the code becomes, alive and modifying his very own behavior.

Nightmare Code is a found-footage horror/sci-fi thriller that takes place day and night in a tech start-up office using surveillance cameras, PC cam, video call capture and eyeglasscam. It’s a digitally native ultra-low budget movie that builds suspense through choreographed multiscreen surveillance views and the psychopathic code itself.  The themes of the movie could not be more timely –behavior recognition and modification, eyeglass cameras and the increasing unreliability of the digital image. 

With its unique look, prescient subject matter, convincing cast and violent reversals, we see Nightmare Code as a buzz-worthy theatrical experience as well as a pioneering film for the Tablet Generation, engineered for intimate viewing and the urge to keep rewinding back ten seconds to see what you think you missed.

We’re as independent at it gets, an ultra-low budget movie with some big ideas and loads of suspense.  We need your help put on the finishing touches and get it out into the world, where Nightmare Code can find it’s audience and spark a conversation all its own.


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